Malvern Baptist Church – Centuries of Service


For more than 110 years Malvern Baptist Church has been serving the spiritual needs and ministering to the people of Malvern, Slocomb, and the surrounding areas.  Founded in 1896 by the Reverends Silas Williford and John Keyton, the church has humble origins.

Without a place of worship for miles, Rev. Williford and Rev. Keyton organized worship services at the Center School House.  Many locals flocked there, hungry to hear the word of God.  The Congregation grew, and a new church building called “Annie York” was built one mile west of Malvern on the Slocomb Road.


The church prospered, and in 1908 it moved to Malvern and changed its name to the Malvern Missionary Baptist Church.  Throughout the great depression, WWII, and the turbulent 1960’s, Malvern Baptist Church continued to expand its ministries, offering additional worship services to its congregation, and improvements to church facilities.  “Our church continues to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” acknowledges Brother Hosea Parker, Malvern Baptist’s current minister.


By 2004 Malvern Baptist had once again outgrown its sanctuary.  The church leaders turned to their friend and neighbor Slocomb National Bank to help with the financing for the new Sanctuary.  Slocomb National, now Friend Bank, has also been serving the same area for more than a hundred years.  “Seldom do you find a partner who shares the experience of serving a community for more than a century,” said church administrator Debbie Bass.  “We’ve banked with Friend for as long as I can remember.  It’s really been a match made in heaven.”

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