Shannon Daugherty, DMD


Shannon Daugherty grew up in Butler, Alabama where he met and married his high school sweetheart Angie. They attended the University of West Alabama where Shannon received a degree in chemistry, and Angie studied accounting. Although Shannon got a good job right out of college, in his heart he wanted to study medicine. After two years of working as a chemist he applied and was accepted to the prestigious University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry. Life for the Daughertys was good in Birmingham. Angie worked at Royal Cup Coffee. Shannon decided to specialize in endodontics, which meant an additional two years of training, and their family was growing. When Shannon finished his dental training, he and Angie traveled across the state visiting communities where they were interested in moving. They both wanted to stay in Alabama. They wanted to find a small town that would be a good place to raise three active boys and would be a small place to begin a specialized dental practice. In 2002 the family picked up from Birmingham and moved to Dothan. The Daughertys didn’t know a soul in Dothan, but the moment they arrived they knew they had found their home.


From the beginning the Daughertys planned to build their own clinic. They met with architects to design the building and with bankers to finance the build. But as is often the case, life intervened with unexpected family injury and illness. For several years the Daugherty’s plans took a backseat while they attended to family members who were in need. For more than a year Shannon held onto the business card of Joseph Johnson, President of Friend Bank. Over that time the Daughertys would see the Johnsons at the ball field where their children played baseball. Shannon was taken by the fact that whether sitting next to him in the stands of a ball game or in an office, Joseph treated everyone the same, like a friend. “He’s always genuinely interested in what is going on in our lives, always ready to help, and as I later learned, one of the most trusted people around.”


Things eventually settled down for the Daughertys and they resumed their building plans. When it came time to choose a lender for their project the decision was pretty clear. They chose Friend.


Angie Daugherty keeps the books for her husband’s practice and will often take her three boys to the bank. The boys love going to the bank to play with Buddy and talk to Mr. Joseph. Angie recalls her five year-old son saying that he wanted to be president. Angie’s response was “ You can be anything you want, even president of the United States.” Her son responded “Not president of the United States, president of the bank like Mr. Joseph.”

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